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Logo Design Prices 

Simple Logos:
One or two color samples, typically 150x150 or smaller. Useful for personal web sites, or smaller corporate sites.


Business logos:
Full color logo for your business. Used on company web sites, business cards, and letterheads.


Premium logos :
Professional logo consistent with your company's brand, image and market positioning. Used on corporate web site, business cards, letterheads and marketing collaterals.


Before you hire us (or any other design company), you should determine your company's attitude, vision and goal. Your logo should reflect these elements. Look for logos that you like and don't like and try to identify the elements of each.

Logo terms
Logotype: A logo that is either made entirely of letterforms, or the portion of a complete logo that is created using only letterforms. Many logotypes are combined with a logomark to create a full corporate unique logo.
Logomark: Usually the graphic symbol that accompanies a logotype.

Logo types
There are 3 basic kinds of logos:
Graphical: Abstract graphic combined with your company name
Logotype/Text: Font elements only (your company name), developed into a design.
Illustrated: Illustration that most likely expresses what your company does.

Special Offers

Logo as gift!
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